Villa Dora - Beautiful villa on the island of Brac
  • Beautiful Villa on the island of Brac

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    Villa Dora
  • On the beautiful Brac island

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    Beautiful Splitska
  • is in Croatia

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    The most beautiful sea
  • This is a peace that you need
  • Ultimate beauty is on the island of Brac

    One hover from Split Croatia

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    Island Brac with it`s Vidova mountain is the highest island in Adriatic area. On this mountain was during world war 2 killed son of Winston Churchill while helping local soldiers. With length of 40 km and width of 13 km Brac is the third biggest islands on Croatian coast. Island itself is settled for some centuries and were even found some remaining of primitive man in cave Kopacina. Climate is typically Mediterranean. During summer time sun shines between 9 and 12 hours per day. Brac lies in one of the sunniest Adriatic straps with 2700 sunny hours per year. Average temperature during the summer is 24 degree Celsius and 8,6 degree Celsius during the winter.The coast of the island is long 175 km. Numerous bay and beaches follows one another. On the northern part of the island the most known beach is Lovrecina and on the south part there is Zlatni rat. On the island there is 22 settlements, 12 villages and 5 deserted settlements. All cities and settlements have their own speciality and culture. Splitska is just one of them. Main activities are: - mine stoning, - tourism, - fishing, - agriculture

    Splitska is a small village on the island called Brac in Croatia. Brac is one of the most beautiful among the central Dalmatian islands. There are about twenty settlements on the island with characteristic features of the Mediterranean little towns, and Splitska is one of them. It has everything to ensure you a great holidays. ( restaurants, shops, tennis courts, post office… ) Splitska is just 6 km. away from the main town on Brač called Supetar and 25 km. from Brac airport. It is easy accessible by car and it’s daily connected with Supetar by bus. In summer time there’s also a posibility of transport by a small ship which sails from Split directly to Splitska. The village got it’s name after Split ( the second biggest city in Croatia 200.000 inhabitants ) and was first mentioned in the year 1577, when Mihajlo Cernic ( Cerineo ) from Skrip in village build small castle.

    The village was settled by Romans, when they came on Brac to mine stones which were used to build the Diocletian Palace and many other fabulous buildings throughout european metropolises. First quarry is just a few hundred meters from the main road which is passing Splitska. First inhabitants in Splitska were from Skrip ( village above Splitska ). When they settled in Splitska they built a church called Sv. Marija ( St. Mary ). In the 13 – then century village was abandoned, because inhabitants were threatened by pirets from Omis. This danger stopped in the year 1444, which led people to settle it again.